What is a Stupa?

A Stupa is an architectural monument full of meaning. It represents the potential of the awakened mind and is a means to travel the path of awakening.

Its structure traced by sacred geometry, the effort involved in its construction, the meditative practices that must be performed during the process and the deep meaning of its symbolism make the stupas a powerful source of inspiration, a pilgrimage destination and an energy center with the ability to infinitely benefit those who come in contact with them and the environment where they are built.

The first stupas were built to house the relics of the Buddha and have since been built throughout the world as landmarks that invite the cultivation of wisdom and compassion.

It is said that by the mere fact of seeing or being touched by its shadow brings peace, harmony, health and blessings of all kinds.

To collaborate and participate in the construction of a Stupa is an enormous merit, since these are axes of great activity undertaken with the intention of bringing all beings to happiness and free them of suffering.