About us

This project is becoming a reality thanks to the effort of a nonsectarian collective of Buddhist groups and practitioners and friends of different traditions under the guidance of Lama Karma Chötso.

Palpung Lima Chöling

Community of practitioners of the Karma Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist tradition under the guidance of Lama Karma Chötso. This center, located in Lima-Peru, promotes the practice of meditation, and organizes talks, retreats and workshops for the benefit of all. Part of the Palpung network.
Vist kagyuperu.com

Open Awareness Buddhist Center, USA

The Open Awareness Buddhist Center is a place of refuge and sanctuary for all beings. The Sangha of Open Awareness is a fellowship of practitioners who are committed to ethics, honesty, respect for all, and to providing a welcoming atmosphere with the pure intention of benefiting sentient beings through Dharma activities. Visit miamibuddhism.org

Budismo Gelug Perú

Community of practitioners of the Gelug Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Its spiritual director is Phakyab Rinpoche, direct disciple of HH Dalai Lama. Visit facebook.com/budismolima

Estupa de Lamas Association

Cultural nonprofit organization whose purpose is to take care of the meditation center, hold the Stupa space and promote sustainable development of the near by community and harmony among its inhabitants.