When peace of mind is found, the value of others is spontaneously discovered and altruism and compassion arise naturally.
Buddhism is a living tradition whose sole purpose is to help all beings find authentic happiness and reach their full potential.
Since the wheel of the Dharma, the Buddha’s teaching, was set in motion 2,500 years ago, its philosophy of peace and training techniques in serenity and altruism have been transmitted through several uninterrupted lines of teachers and practitioners.
This invaluable legacy belongs to human culture and is available to anyone who wants to pacify their mind, improve their family relationships and their environment and explore their own potential.
The center of meditation, whose axis is the Great stupa of Reconciliation, Rime Jangchub Chöten, is an open non-sectarian space for the practice and teaching of contemplation, meditation and a platform for altruistic activity and the development of the Culture of Peace .