2023: Stupa Road

Dear Dharma Friends,

It is with great joy that we announce the progress of our Lamas Stupa Project.

Thanks to your contributions, we have accomplished the following this year:

  • Installed the Stupa’s doors and windows.
  • Installed electricity meters.
  • Built two retreat cabins.
  • Finished and painted the exterior and interior of the Stupa.
  • Installed a water system.

However, the journey has not been without obstacles and challenges. Currently, the steep dirt road leading to the Stupa has been damaged by the rains, and must be repaired in order to continue the work. To that end, three bridges need to be built to allow the water to flow underneath during frequent heavy tropical rains. We have estimated a budget of USD 15,000.00 for this project.

Those of you who wish to support us in this new challenge can make their donations at stuperu.com/donate.


Update: Thanks to the invaluable contributions from our community, we have successfully acquired the necessary materials and fortified the road.